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What you can get from this site depends on your entry point and where you want to go. This section has some key conceptual points but also your options of specific starting points.

Where does this path take me?

Social network research: What we are about

This site is being developed for social scientists and social researchers interested in network concepts, insights and thinking. ‘Social Network Research’ (SNR) is shorthand for social science network research. SNR includes Social Network Analysis (SNA) but extends beyond it. As a social scientist/researcher we assume that you will be familiar with the following: Data collection methods using interview or survey ...

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Sociometric squares and survey data

The two basic SNA research templates: Survey based egonet SNA and sociometric, whole network SNA

Egocentric network – egonet SNA is survey-based, studying individuals sampled randomly, but asks distinctive types of network-sensitive questions. The contacts (alters) named by the respondents are specific individuals but are publicly unidentifiable. Sociometric WN-SNA works with pre-defined and enumerated populations where the researcher can identify the alters nominated by a respondent and, hence, cross-check reciprocating responses and trace paths of ...

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‘2-mode’ network data

Network studies that start from 2-mode network data are often seen as a third research research template in SNA. These studies examine social networks created when people connect through their memberships of organizations, community groups or other collectivities. Social actors who are members of two or more collectivities bridge and connect the clusters of social contacts created with the collectivities. ...

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