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Network Cohesion

These posts deal with network cohesion as measured by the density of a network and the (average) length of paths. They also discuss the impact of network centralization on path lengths.

Whole networks – Density

Random graphs The top-down WN-SNA perspective on network data has generated a lot of work with random graph modelling. This modelling uses computer simulations to explore ideas about the emergence of networks. For mathematicians, graphs are abstract models of network data, they are constructed entities defined as a set of nodes and specifications of di-ties between pairs; the basic SNA ...

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Globe and geodesics

Paths and Geodesic distances

Network software can trace all the paths that connect any two nodes. There are many possible paths. SNA focuses on the shortest paths which it calls ‘geodesic paths’ or simply ‘geodesics’. (A geodesic is the shortest path on a curved surface. Thus the geodesic paths on a conventional atlas – Mercator projection – will appear as arcs.) What is a ...

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