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Node Centrality

Node level measures.

Node centrality: Degree based measures

I think of (node) centrality measures as giving an ‘inside-out’ perspective on the network within which the node is embedded. Calling it centrality implies a ‘top-down’ perspective and a centralized organization of network diagrams. Remember that the layout algorithm for network diagrams worked by bringing the most connected nodes to the centre. We see this with the operation of Netdraw’s ...

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Node centrality: Path-based measures

NEEDS SCREENSHOTS The closeness centrality scores are derived from matrices of geodesic paths we generated yesterday. They are path-based measures rather than degree-based measures. Node scores for closeness are made by summing along the row of geodesics for each node. You can use Univariate Stats on the – geo output to see this. Closeness centrality measures Note that the Multiple ...

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