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SNA data, datasets and diagrams (UCINET/NetDraw)

The posts in this section present the basic structure of network data and introduce you to the interface and menus of the UCINET/NetDraw software.

Di-ties: The building blocks of social network research

Social ties: the basic units of information and observation for empirical network research Social network research deals with social ties, actual and perceived, between two actual people. An individual has many social ties of different sorts (parent, co-worker, friend etc.). We identify a social tie by naming the connected two people and the type of social tie, or ties, they ...

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Datasets are like storage jars

SNA datasets in UCINET and NetDraw

SNA datasets (as opposed to ‘data’) comprise collections of separate files that mesh together through direct, text-based linkages. They are, basically, relational databases. For SNA a ‘network’ is a set of ties for a single, defined relation. Thus, for example, the Krack-Sociom example contains three defined relations (Advice, Friendship and Reports To) and may be spoken of as three (social) ...

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