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These posts deal with subgroup detection and related procedures in WN-SNA. Modularity (maximising in-group v. cross-group ties) is the most up-to-date approach.

Network topography

Social networks are landscapes of social connection. As with human physical settlements there are areas of very dense connection and interaction tapering away to zones of less interaction. These clusters of connection may abut and overlap or they may be separated by marginal social spaces with only sparse connections running across them. We trace a network’s outer boundaries when ties ...

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Baseline connectivity: Components procedure

Component analysis is the underside of looking at paths in a network. There will be circumstances in which a dataset is not connected and two or more separate clusters appear in a network diagram (as well as individual isolates). There can be no paths (geodesic or otherwise) between these separated clusters (components). In this situation SNA talks of there being ...

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